age concern


Age Concern Stourbridge & Halesowen works with advant~age to promote products and services that not only benefit its service users and supporters, but all the net profits made from their sale go towards supporting the ongoing work of the charity.

The team at Age Concern are happy to share how this works and provide more information as to how other charities could benefit in the same way by becoming an advant~age partner.

Does your charity need more money?

Advant~age has realised that other charities and not for profit organisations might wish to benefit from the same opportunities as their existing charity partners such as Age Concern Stourbridge & Halesowen. Advant~age would love to extend the number of partners that they work with and also extend the number and variety of causes that they support by working with their partners.

Advant~age can support you every step of the way to develop a robust social enterprise of your own with safe, credible and competitive products that are already generating income for charities across England and Wales.

Choice and Control

Advant~age strongly believe in providing flexibility and independence to all of their partners. They know that you are the experts in your charity and determining the direction that you take. You have the choice of which products to offer, there is no all or nothing with advant~age.

You have full control over the level of involvement that you wish to have in sales. This allows organisations to completely determine the level of investment (financial and resources) that they would like to put into the venture.

The minimum level of involvement is simply have a link to your advant~age page on your website and a contact with whom advant~age can liaise regarding matters such as websites or leaflet ordering. They’ll work with and support you in whichever route you feel is suited to your organisation.